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The Story of Osuna's

It all started in the late 50's, when Mr. Gilberto Osuna Sr. began his career in the restaurant industry, working as a waiter in one of the top establishments in Mazatlan, Mexico. In the mid 70's, Mr. Osuna Sr. migrated to Ensenada, Baja CA Mexico and opened his dream restaurant known as "Casamar". This is where Gilberto Osuna Jr. started his career and later became the CEO, turning Casamar into one of the most popular and successful restaurants in Ensenada.

His passion and expertise in the restaurant lead to the founding of "La Hacienda Del Viejo", nicknamed after his father, Gilberto Osuna Sr. It was designed to replicate authentic cooking found in a traditional Mexican hacienda.

In the 90's, Gilberto Osuna Jr. had the opportunity to invest in a restaurant in the United States, and so, Gilberto Osuna and his wife decided to open an authentic Mexican restaurant in San Gabriel Valley. Thanks to the help he received from his mother-in-law Rosa Romero and wife Alba, together they founded Osuna's Mexican Restaurant in 1990. They opened the restaurant with the desire to provide our guests with the most authentic and fresh Mexican food made from scratch that you can enjoy.

Rosa Romero, who we call "La Jefita", is our executive chef with over 40 years of culinary experience in making the tastiest Mexican dishes that your taste-buds will never forget by using only the freshest ingredients available!

The purpose and goal of Osuna's Mexican Restaurant is to serve our guests fresh,made-to-order food and provide our guests a pleasant experience inspired by our roots in Mexican hospitality from Baja California, Mexico! Where we greet you by yelling,"WELCOME TO OSUNA'S MY FRIENDS!", the next generation of the Osuna's Family welcomes you.

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